Sound Policy

At our event we care about our participants’ and staff's health – this includes "ear safety":

We believe that it is important not to injure the hearing capacity and quality of all the people at our event. That’s why we aim to establish and respect safe listening levels.

What does that mean?

We aim not to exceed around 83-85 dB on average and 88 dB during the peaks of the music (measured at about one meter away from the speakers). However, since we don't have a lot of experience with this subject and since sound behaves differently in every room, we might want to adjust this limits a bit during the event.

We have sound scouts who will be in charge of monitoring the levels throughout the night. Since they can’t be on duty all the time, we also encourage the community to make this a shared responsibility. That’s why...

...we need your help

Further steps

We’d like to do our best to develop more awareness about this important topic in the fusion dance world and we wish to empower all community members to spread this information.

References provided by the World Health Organization about "Make Listening Safe": WHO website with material to download.

We highly recommend reading this brochure the WHO published as well as this review from the WHO: "Hearing loss due to recreational exposure to loud sounds: a review".