The house

The event takes place at the ‘Wolfhof’ located in Simonswald, Germany. Situated in the heart of the Black Forest, the place is not far from Freiburg.

You can find more information about the house on their website, including some photos - doesn’t it look cosy?


There is a large common room with hardwood floors and cozy atmosphere in which the parties will take place. During the days this room can be used to hang out and for skill shares.


The house sleeps around 50 people in bunk beds divided up into several smaller rooms with four to six beds. There are two shared bathrooms with several showers and washing rooms as well as two single bathrooms.


We will use the common kitchen to prepare all meals in small teams and eat in the common room right next to the kitchen or outside if the weather is warm.


As the house is located in the Black Forest, it is surrounded by nature with many hiking trails nearby – which you will be able to explore during the days. There are no shops or other facilities in the direct vicinity, but we're going to provide everything you'll need during the weekend.