What is fusion?

First things first: fusion - or fusion dancing - is not associated with the well known German festival "Fusion". But, it is an improvised partner dance to all kinds of music ranging from blues over lyrical tunes to pop and EDM. As fusionexchange.org puts it: "Fusion is a continuously-developing concept and can mean different things to many different people." To learn more about the concept(s) of fusion dancing, you might want to read this article on The Fusion Continuum by Flouer Evelyn.

What will the music be like?

BFF is a non-profit event and we don’t pay any musicians or DJs. We count on our participants to take on DJ shifts or even play some live music on a voluntary basis. Therefore, it is really up to these participants what kind of music will be played.

Also, we have a Sound Policy to make sure that the volume is always below a damaging level and you can enjoy dancing the whole night long.

So what is going to happen from Monday until Friday?

This week will be whatever you want it to be, dream about and actually make happen. We will all create this space together in terms of activities, vegetarian food, music and magic. Things that are likely to happen here: hiking, nature, body related work, massages, chilling in the sun, playing games, reinventing the world, cuddling, playing music, cooking and eating together, sharing your skills and passions and obviously dancing. Like we would say in German: "Einfach mal die Seele baumeln lassen" (to simply unwind and let the soul dangle).

And if I don’t dance (yet), can I come?

Of course! :D
If you don’t dance (yet), feel free to join us anyway. This is a great opportunity to tip your toe in and try yourself out as a dancer, but there is also so much other fun stuff to do here! While we will dance every night during the weekend, depending on participants’ wishes, the evenings during the week could also be used for other stuff, such as film or game nights, or discussions. It’s up to you!

Is there a reduced fee?

No, there will be no reduced fee in general. As we’re not aiming to make any profit with the event, the fee is calculated to cover just the expenses for the venue, the food and other necessary items. All decorations will be financed through donations. That said: If - for any reason - you cannot afford the fee, but are absolutely craving to be part of BFF, please contact us directly via blackforestfusion@gmail.com and we will try to find a solution.

What is a skill-share? Can I offer one?

At BFF there will be no pre-planned program for daytime activities. The event lives from what the participants are willing to offer. So, if you have a skill that you think other people would like to learn about, we would love for you to share it with us. This may reach from playing board games over massage techniques to a lecture about that one thing you’re totally into. Surprise us.

By the way, there is also a room with work benches, where we could craft things during a manual/technical workshop. Just get in touch with us, if you would like to know more about this.

What kind of food will there be?

The food will be vegetarian and there will always be a vegan option. Please, check the corresponding options when signing up. Though, if you have serious food allergies, please let us know when signing up. We will see then if we can adjust the menu or if you’ll have to bring your own food.

When and how can I expect food?

We will prepare and have food together throughout the week and will run on "dance time", which means having breakfast, lunch and dinner two or three hours later than we would normally, because dancing at night is open ended and will almost certainly go on until the small hours.

For all of that to work, there will be a schedule of kitchen shifts that the participants will divide among themselves. Of course you don’t have to worry about the supplies: everything we’ll need to stay well fed will be provided and you’ll just have to chop, cook and clean the kitchen afterwards (yeah, there’s always a catch).

What kind of drinks will there be?

There is tap water with good drinking quality and you can drink as much tea and coffee as you like throughout the day. Other than that there will be some beer and wine for you to buy for the actual cost (about 1€ for a beer, 5€ for a bottle of wine). However, we can’t provide all the drinks you might be dreaming of. So please, if you need anything else to be happy, bring it along.

What will the sleeping arrangements look like? Can I choose with whom I’m going to share a room?

The venue offers rooms for 4, 5 or 6 people to sleep in bunk beds. As soon as we confirm your spot, you will receive our booklet with the option to select a room according to your preferences i.e. the room size and how close your room is to the dancefloor. Remember that these are shared rooms, so please be mindful of the other people sharing the room with you.

Everyone will have to bring their own sheets, pillows and blankets.

When will be bedtime?

The answer is quite simple: Whenever you feel like it. There will be no fixed schedule when all the fun and music is going to end every night. Although the music probably won’t be too loud (for more details, have a look at our Sound Policy) and we trust in all the participants to be quiet around the halls at night, if you are a light sleeper you may want to bring earplugs. If you are worried about it being too loud anyway, make sure you pick one of the quieter rooms. But keep in mind: The Wolfhof is an old wooden house from a time where soundproofing was not a priority.

What can I expect in terms of cozy atmosphere?

We intend to create an open-minded and welcoming atmosphere where you can be around your friends, establish new connections and where cuddling is encouraged - but only if you wish to do so.

What is the policy on sex and nudity?

Cuddling ≠ Sex. So: No sex on the grounds of the Wolfhof! This is a dance event, so keep it in your pants.

Also this is a clothed event, unless you’re having a shower or getting changed, please keep your clothes on. More specifically: Please wear bottoms that cover your genitals in the common rooms as well as outside on the grounds of the Wolfhof. In the common rooms we also ask you to wear a top. There is a creek flowing along the Wolfhof’s grounds where it is possible to take a dip. It is usually fine to be naked there - but please ask people who might be nearby first. This applies to all genders. See our Code of Conduct.

How does the lottery work?

After the registration period has ended, we’re going to randomize the list of everybody who has registered. Then, beginning from the top of the list, we’ll offer tickets until all the spots are filled. If you’re picked, you’ll receive an email with all the information about what to do to save your spot for good. If you’re not picked, you’re going to be on our waiting list and you’ll receive an email with information on which position you are on the waiting list. As soon as a spot opens up again we’re going to fill it with people from this waiting list.

If you only want to come to BFF if another person is going to be there, too, you will have to sign up both(!) and put each others name in the corresponding field in the registration form. After the lottery you might end up on very different positions on our list so that one of you would get a ticket and the other one wouldn’t. In this case none of you will be offered a ticket yet, but both of you will be moved to the waiting list until we can offer both of you tickets.

This year, due to the fact that we had to cancel BFF in 2020, we will prioritize those people who would have participated in 2020.

What if I only want to come if another person is going to be there, too?

See: How does the lottery work?

What about internet?

We are not sorry to have to tell you that there won’t be any internet or cell phone connection as there is no reception in the vicinity of the Wolfhof. After all, the event is supposed to be a small vacation and who needs email etc. there? However, there is a phone at the house for emergencies.

Is the event child friendly? Can I bring my child?

Yes, you can bring you child. In fact, there have been children at our previous events and it worked out really nicely, but keep in mind that BFF is going to be primarily a dance and skill-share event that is not explicitly planned for children. Meaning: There might not be any other children. Also the week is going to be filled by skill-shares the participants offer and there might be subjects not fit for minors. If you plan to bring your child, please get in touch with us as soon as possible via blackforestfusion@gmail.com to.

I bought a ticket but I cannot come. What do I do?

Have a look at our Refund Policy.

The location is pretty far off. How do I get there without a car?

By bike or by walking! ;) That actually is an option that a couple of people did choose, but the Wolfhof can also be reached easily from Freiburg by train and bus. Although the nearest bus stop is about 4km away from the Wolfhof, we will make sure that you will get there. You will receive more detailed information once you got a ticket.